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Touchy-Feely: Bar-Hopping Becky Says Cuba Gooding Jr. Sexually Harassed SEVE...

A come on now!


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Cuba Gooding wildin' out with white women, surprise surprise…

According to a Jezebel story:

What's Cuba Gooding Jr. up to these days? Well, there's Red Tails — and, according to three women in New Mexico, a whole lot of groping. The women say he harassed all of them at Maloney's Tavern in Albuquerque — and they have pictures.

Sara (all the women I talked to asked that their last names not be used) told me:

At about midnight on March 1st, Cuba Gooding Jr. waltzed into the bar we were at and proceeded to sexually harass a number of the [women there] and assault (punch) a [man] for attempting to take a picture of Cuba receiving a lap dance. [...] The sexual harassment occurred when women would be taking pictures with him; he would grab butt cheeks during the picture taking and when women reacted negatively to that, he would proceed to either touch women's breasts or tell them that he "loved them." He told me that he loved me because his wife's name is also Sara. Classy.

Her friend Meagan told me that Gooding grabbed her a$$ (ed.), and confirmed that he tried to grab Sara's chest. She also said that after leaving the area, they ran into him again on the dance floor, where he grabbed Meagan's breast and pinched her nipple. She said he was repeatedly bothering and harassing women even after they told him to stop.

A third woman, Molly, says,

Cuba Gooding Jr. came into Maloney's Pub in Albuquerque on March 1st, and the bar was fairly crowded at the time. No one seemed to notice or realize who he was when he first entered, and he inappropriately touched [Sara] and she immediately dismissed him. Someone then recognized him and swarms of people started crowding around him to take pictures. Sara and I took a picture with him, and he attempted to grab her breasts in the process. Later on the night, he came up to me, grabbed my face, and kissed my cheek. He asked where I was staying and told me I would be staying with him tonight, making lewd comments about his plans to sleep with me that night. He mentioned that he his happily married with three kids, but "not tonight." He also said I was "probably like 12″ years old (I am actually 23 years old). I also witnessed him inappropriately touching a friend of mine, [Meagan], which caused her to be extremely upset. Another woman in the bar gave him a lap dance and when a man tried to take a picture, Gooding grabbed the phone, threatening to "break it in half," and followed him to the bathroom, where he apparently punched him.

Hey Cuba, remember that OTHER white lady that you were standing next to in front of all those people that day? Yeah, her. SHE'S YOUR WIFE! YOU'RE MARRIED LIKE A MUHFUGGA MAN WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?

Hit the flippy to see the drunken pictures of sorry-azz Cuba attempting to get his freak on!

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