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Weezy's New Arival in Atlanta

You're getting it here first that Lil Wayne is at a hospital in Atlanta wit mom -to-be Nivea and that are going through the motions. The new bundle of joy is expected to be born in any minute. Boy or Girl? Stayed tuned for the update.


According to reports, Michael's estate has paid off all the debts that plunged his life into turmoil. And they managed to do so barely five months after his death.
How'd they manage this? Well Michael’s made a FORTUNE since he passed away. Here’s how the UK’s Daily Express is reporting it:

Music royalties and box-office takings for the film This Is It have brought in almost half-a-billion dollars to the King of Pop’s estate.

The phenomenal flow of cash, which does not include income from Jackson souvenirs and memorabilia, more than covers the estimated $500 million he owed.
We know what you're thinking. Michael is being sued by everyone and their mama - so his estate might soon be back into debt. Well, according to the report, the money he's making now FAR EXCEEDS the amount he's being sued for. Check this out:

Jackson was already No3 on Forbes Magazine’s annual list of highest-grossing dead celebrities, behind fashion icon Yves St Laurent and composers Rodgers & Hammerstein, before This Is It was released last month. By yesterday, the film had raked in almost $240million worldwide, according to online monitor Box Office Mojo, with eventual income from DVD sales expected to double that. Sales of the spin-off double CD, which has made the top 10 in more than 120 countries, as well as re-releases of Jackson's classic albums, are "conservatively" expected to top $360 million by Christmas, according to Sony Music.



Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Rihanna's people would be REDUCING the price of her CD to 99 CENTS. And by the afternoon, Rihanna's label Def Jam made the move.What's even MORE interesting is that during the meeting where Rihanna's team were trying to figure out what to do - our snitch claims that the execs spent about 10 minutes discussing. The insider explains, "It seemed like [one of the execs] was more interested in trying to make it look like your site was wrong [about Rihanna's sales being off] than in trying to make sure that Rihanna's sales were better."

50 Cents BISD Sells 159k in First Week

50 Cent has officially hit a career low.

The G-Unit General landed on The Billboard 200 this week at the no. 5 spot—his lowest debut since 2007’s Curtis came in at second place below Kanye West’s Graduation. As expected, the disc managed to sell 159,700 units, according to the Nielsen SoundScan, marking the first time that the rap superstar failed to go gold in his first week.

As previously reported, when 50 first burst onto the scene with Get Rich or Die Tryin’ in 2002 he sold 872,000 units. In 2004, his sophomore album, The Massacre, rang up over 1.15 million discs and Curtis moved close to 695,000 units.

This go-round, his album leaked almost a month in advance, which undoubtedly affected his sales.

Meanwhile further down the charts at no. 25 is the Black Eyed Peas. The group’s latest disc, The E.N.D., pulled in 31,200 units in sales this week, bringing their 25 week total to 1,387,300.

Jay-Z landed five more spots down at no. 30. Fans rang up 29,100 units of The Blueprint 3 this week, making his 11 week tally stand at 1,300,300.

Rap legend Rakim failed to break into the top 40 this week with his comeback album The Seventh Seal. The independent offering, Ra’s fist disc in 10 years, sold 11,500 units in its debut week on the charts.

Friday, November 20, 2009



We all knew ghostwriting was mad popular in Hip-Hop but this list put some light on some songs I didn’t know about. I mean sheeeeit, peep this list before you assume all of your favorite artists are broke. And yes, some of these writing credits are well known and many of them show up in the actual liner notes…but it’s still dope to see these down in a list.

112’s “Only You” (biggie’s verse) – ghost-wrote by Mase
112’s “Anywhere” (Lil Zane’s verse) – co-wrote by Mase & Lil Zane
Biggie’s “Mo Money Mo Problems” – (biggie’s & diddy’s verse) – co-wrote by Mase, Jadakiss, & Ed Bernard
Camron’s “We Got It” – (both Mase/Cam’s verses) co-wrote by Mase & Cardan
Diddy’s “Friend” – ghost-wrote by Mase
Philly’s Most Wanted’s “Cross The Border” – ghost-wrote by Mase
JayZ’s “I Just Wanna Love You” – co-wrote by Mase & Pharell Williams
Diddy’s “Come 2 Me” – ghost-wrote by Jody Breeze
Diddy’s “After Love” – ghost-wrote by Jody Breeze
Diddy’s “Through The Pain” – ghost-wrote by Jody Breeze

Diddy’s “Senorita” – ghost-wrote by Jadakiss
Diddy’s verses on “Victory” – co-wrote by Jadakiss, Biggie, & ROC
Biggie’s “Mo Money Mo Problems” – (biggie’s & diddy’s verse) – co-wrote by Mase, Jadakiss, & Ed Bernard
Biggie’s verse on “Last Days” – ghost-wrote by Jadakiss
Charli Baltimore’s “Money” – ghost-wrote by Jadakiss
Cam’Ron’s “Horse & Carriage” – hook by Jadakiss, both verses co-wrote by Jadakiss
J-Lo’s “Jenny From The Block” – (Style’s verse) ghost-wrote by Jadakiss


Dr. Dre’s “Keepin’ It Dope” – ghostwrote by D.O.C.
Dr. Dre’s “A ***** Witta Gun” – ghostwrote by D.O.C.
Dr. Dre’s “Little Ghetto Boy” – co-wrote by D.O.C. & Snoop
Dr. Dre’s “Big Egos” – co-wrote by D.O.C., Mel Man, & Brian A. Bailey
Dr. Dre’s “Housewife” – co-wrote by D.O.C. & Mel Man
Snoop Dogg’s “Snoop’s Upside Ya Head” – ghostwrote by D.O.C.
Trina’s “Ain’t ****” – song/hook co-wrote by D.O.C. & Trina; (Snoop’s verse) co-wrote by D.O.C. & Kurupt
Twista/Mobstability’s “Mobstability” – co-wrote by D.O.C. & Twista
Ice Cube’s “Once Upon A Time In…2″ – co-wrote by Ice Cube & D.O.C.
Ice Cube’s “Roll All Day” – ghostwrote by D.O.C.
Ice Cube’s “Until We Rich” – (Ice cube’s verse) ghostwrote by D.O.C.
Bone Thugs’ “This Ain’t a Game” song/hook co-wrote by Trey Songz & D.O.C.; verses co-wrote by Bone Thugs & D.O.C.
Snoop Dogg’s “Boss Life” – co-wrote by D.O.C., Stanley Benton, & Akon
Snoop Dogg’s “Round Here” – (Snoop’s verses) co-wrote by D.O.C. & S. Benton
Snoop Dogg’s “Imagine” – co-wrote by D.O.C., Snoop, D’Angelo, & Dr. Dre
Snoop Dogg’s “That’s That” – (Snoop’s verses) ghostwrote by D.O.C

M. Bleek on “Coming of Age” – ghost-wrote by JayZ
M. Bleek’s “All Types of ****” – ghost-wrote by JayZ
“Coming of Age (Da Sequel)” – (Memphis Bleek’s verse) ghost-wrote by JayZ
Foxy’s “If I” – ghost-wrote by JayZ
Foxy’s “Foxy’s Bells” – ghost-wrote by JayZ
Foxy’s “Get Me Home” – ghost-wrote by JayZ
Foxy’s “Ill Na Na” – (Foxy’s verse) ghost-wrote by JayZ
Foxy’s “I’ll Be” – ghost-wrote by JayZ
Foxy’s “Big Bad Mama” – ghost-wrote by JayZ
Foxy’s “Hot Spot” – ghost-wrote by JayZ
Foxy’s “I Can’t” – ghost-wrote by JayZ
Foxy’s “JOB” – ghost-wrote by JayZ
Lil Kim’s “Big Momma Thang” – ghost-wrote by JayZ
Bugs Bunny – “Buggin” (from Spacejam sdtrk) – ghost-wrote by JayZ
Jermaine Dupri’s “Money Ain’t A Thang” – co-wrote by JayZ & ROC
Biggie’s “Hypnotize” – co-wrote by D-Dot
Diddy’s “Fake Thug Dedication” – ghost-wrote by JayZ
Timbaland’s “Indian Carpet” – ghost-wrote by JayZ
Dr. Dre’s “Still DRE” – ghost-wrote by JayZ
Dr. Dre’s “The Watcher” – ghost-wrote by JayZ & Rakim
Dr. Dre’s “The Message” – co-wrote by JayZ, Rell, & Royce Da 5′9″
Snoop Dogg’s “Intrology” – ghost-wrote by JayZ
Pro The Spectacula’s “Call Ya Boy” – ghost-wrote by JayZ
Pro The Spectacula’s “Handle Barz” – ghost-wrote by JayZ
Slim Thug’s “I Ain’t Heard of That” – ghost-wrote by JayZ
Slim Thug’s “I Ain’t Heard of That RMX” – co-wrote by JayZ
Fort Minor’s “Where’d You Go” – co-wrote by JayZ & Mike Shinoda

SmittyWill Smith’s “Miami” – ghost-wrote by Smitty
Diddy’s “Bad Boys 4 Life” – Diddy’s verse co-wrote by Smitty & Black Rob
Diddy’s “And We” – Hook, Diddy’s, & Foxy’s verse ghost-wrote by Smitty
Loon’s “How You Want That” – ghost-wrote by Smitty
Diddy’s “Show Me Your Soul” – Hook & Diddy’s verse ghost-wrote by Smitty
Diddy’s “Shake Ya Tailfeather” – Hook & Diddy’s verse ghost-wrote by Smitty
Diddy’s “Girl I’m A Bad Boy” – Hook & Diddy’s verse ghost-wrote by Smitty
Baby & Diddy’s “Do That” – ghost-wrote by Smitty
Truth Hurt’s “Cop” – Dr. Dre’s verse ghost-wrote by Smitty
Truth Hurt’s “Benefit of the Doubt” – ghost-wrote by Smitty
Truth Hurt’s “Hollywood” – ghost-wrote by Smitty
Dr. Dre’s “The Wash”– ghost-wrote by Smitty
Dr. Dre’s “On The Boulevard” – co-wrote by Smitty & Knoc-Turnal
Beyonce’s “Summertime” – co-wrote by Smitty

Bow Wow’s “Let’s Get Down” – ghost-wrote by TI
Bow Wow’s “I’ll Move On” – ghost-wrote by TI
Bow Wow’s “The Future” – ghost-wrote by TI & ROC
Bow Wow’s “The Don, The Dutch” – ghost-wrote by TI & ROC
Bow Wow’s “Hey Little Momma” – ghost-wrote by TI & ROC



Last night Diddy had his 40th birthday party in New York, and there were about a dozen snitches in the building. We can tell you that it was a lovely affair - and nobody acted up.

But check this out. Apparently Diddy invited his baby moms Kim Porter and his jump off Cassie to the event. Everyone thought he'd be hanging with Cassie, like he always does - but HE DIDN'T!!

According to snitches, Diddy spent most of the time working the crowd. But when he wasn't doing that, he was hanging with Kim Porter.

This must have pissed Cassie off, because we're told that she left the event unusually early - and without saying goodbye to the birthday boy.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dame Dash Addresses Tax Debt, "My [Accountant] Stole Some Money & Didn't Say Nothing" [Video]

Roc-A-Fella co-founder Damon "Dame" Dash recently discussed his past financial problems and explained why his accountant was partially to blame for his tax debt.

Dame says he prefers to struggle and work his way up to the top when conducting his business.

"The first thing you gotta kick when you're an entrepreneur is your ego," Dame explained in an interview. "You can't look like you're doing good all the time. You gotta struggle and I don't mind grinding, I actually like it. I'm almost addicted to it. Even when the thing with all my taxes happened, I thought, you know I made a bunch of money and I thought my accountant paid my taxes instead he stole some money out my account and didn't say nothing. I look at that as a learning experience, it just won't happen again, you know what I mean? I don't regret nothing, I got too many healthy kids. You know, I got four of 'em so as long as they're around and they're cool, I'm good." (Mixtatape Monster)

Dash previously said his financial issues were in part due to looking after his associates before himself.

"My mistake was watching everyone else's careers and not watching mine," Dame explained. "After being able to settle my wife's company, I was able to start doing other things. My first approach was the music business and getting with Jim Jones. At first I wanted to help him because I've known him since he was young and me listening to the album and thinking it was really good. I thought it deserved to be heard outside of the urban market. So I spent the last six months doing research, trying to figure out how to use all my resources to blow this out...I'm not in the community like I used to be. I just know that good records sell. But I also know I don't depend so much on record sales; I depend on the brand." (Billboard)

The Harlem-based rap figure's recent financial problems have been publicized for the past few years.

An August 2008 lawsuit claims Dash and wife Rachel Roy have failed to pay due amounts on their luxury Tribeca condos from January to August totaling $7.8 million, which has resulted in the early steps of foreclosure proceedings. Eastern Savings Bank claims the couple agreed to make monthly payments of $78,500 on the properties. (Associated Press)

He made headlines last spring when reports of his wife Rachel Roy divorcing him came to light.

Rocawear co-founder Damon Dash has been slapped with divorce papers by wife Rachel Roy, the Daily News has learned. The stunning fashion designer piled onto Dash's already sizable stack of lawsuits when she filed for divorce from her husband of four years this month in Manhattan Supreme Court. Ed Hayes, a lawyer for Roy, declined comment, and a Dash spokeswoman did not return calls or e-mails. An electronic record of the case says the divorce is for "nonmonetary relief" and should be resolved by February. (New York Daily News)

Twitter Beef Looks Like Real Beef: Charlamagne Vs. Marlon Wayans

Marlon Wayans got into it with Charlamagne last night after Charlamagne tweeted that Marlon is funnier in movies than he is on Twitter. Marlon didn’t take too kindly to that statement and went all out with the jokes. Cthagod held his own, but Marlon went in hard.

Pop the top and peep the jokes, insults, and fighting words that spilled from both of them

FEATURE: Nipsey Hussle, Homage to Dr. Dre, Pt. 4 of 5 from XXL by xxlstaff

Nipsey Hussle is no stranger to the studio. When he first began pursuing his rap career, the rising West Coast star went to the Watts Towers Studios almost every day to hone his mic and engineering skills, ultimately becoming equally adept at both. Although Nipsey doesn’t aspire to be the next great rapper/ producer, he does cite the work and successes of Dr. Dre as a marker for what he wants to not only achieve but actually surpass.

As’s celebration of the 10th anniversary of Dre’s classic release, 2001, continues (Be sure to check out Game’s, Jay Rock’s and Warren G’s interviews), Nipsey talks about Dre’s influence, 2001’s relevance today, and the brand the doctor’s built.

I remember rap when 2001 came out how people reacted—especially from [my] generation. We used to ditch school and rap the whole album, you know what I mean? Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, and 2001, we knew all the songs by heart, singing all the curse words. It most definitely impacted me. I mean, it still crack today in LA. It didn’t seem like a decade for sure but, you know, time flies… People play that album and it still sound relevant and it still sounds like today’s music. It’s a gang of records on that project that’s just like specific concepts on his albums. Both of his records is like that. It’s not just random songs. Everything is real music, produced fully, the way Quincy Jones would go at a record

I haven’t been in the studio with Dr. Dre [but] it ain’t about just going in and making a record from what I hear. He’s a perfectionist. [The people that work with him] know exactly what they aiming for—from the producers to the writers to the artists and all that. It’s kinda like they aiming at a specific target every time they go in the studio. I try to format myself and build off of those traits.

I look at [2001] as the greatest; you know what I mean? I think it kinda set the standard for production again, like, Dre did on the original Chronic for sure. [As far as] hip-hop producers… Dre’s the cream of the crop when it comes to that. When he dropped 2001 he raised the bar on the expectations for [them]. Dre was like 30 years in the making so I don’t think [other producers] done what he’s done but I think it’s a couple of producers like 1500, Phonix and Robin Hood that are going in the direction to be the standard of West Coast music as Dre was in his day but as far the impact [his music] had on the culture of LA and how big the records were, I want my album to be equal if not bigger.

I think based on the value of dude’s brand everybody gone rush out and get [Detox] just to hear it just like they did with the Eminem record [Relapse]. It’s gon’ do good when it do drop. Either way, you gotta look at it like he’s competing against his own legacy. It ain’t even nobody else in his realm so even if he don’t live up to the original or 2001 it’s gon’ be more than likely bigger than any other project to drop that year just because of the fact of the buzz and hype around the record. Either way it go he’s in a win-win situation so he’ll be alright. —As told to Brooklyne Gipson

Activist Devin Robinson Calls For Boycott Of Non-Black Owned Beauty Supply Stores from by Bossip Staff

The plight of a Black woman takes new heights when she takes part in the time old tradition of going to a beauty supply store. Millions of us have the same story of being followed, watched and monitored in the stores often by people who know nothing about us or our fascination with the very product they sell.

Fabolous Celebrates his Birthday with a Certain Someone Special but First… What’s Up with That Grill??? from by ladydrama

T.I.'s Grand Hustle Office Targeted With Explosives, SWAT Team Finds Molotov Cocktails Thursday, Nov 19, 2009 4:55PM Written by Cyrus Langhorne

xplosives were reportedly discovered around incarcerated rapper T.I.'s Grand Hustle Records office building today (November 19) which required a call-in to a SWAT team.
Click here to find out more!

Reports of the incident landed online early Thursday afternoon.

Atlanta police said they discovered two Molotov cocktails Thursday at an office belonging to Rapper TI. A SWAT team was called in to remove the explosives from the scene at the 1700 block of Defoors Ferry. Officials said the Molotov cocktails were not lit. The incident is under investigation. (My Fox Atlanta News)

An officer covering the scene also confirmed the existence of explosives.

"One of the occupants came out early this morning to start his car up," officer Otis Redmond told media, "and noticed two suspicious bottles sitting on the front portion of the walkway." (Fox 5)

However, Grand Hustle representatives have reportedly disputed the claims.

Sources for Grand Hustle dispute the reports however and told HipHopWired that the explosives were near the office and not in front of the building. (Hip Hop Wired)

T.I.'s girlfriend, Tameka "Tiny" Cottle recently spoke on the jailed rapper and revealed their plans to officially tie the knot.

"Sometime [next] year, but we can't really give a date yet because we have to find out exactly when Tip is coming home," Tiny revealed in an interview. "We'll have to just plan around that, but I envision a fairy tale wedding. [As far as music together,] well, we did one song and we just never really got back in the studio, but I can't say that you won't hear anything in the future. I don't want to give it out yet, I want to hold it to make sure we go in that direction. We have several things that we're talking about doing together, so we'll see how that works out." (XXL Mag)

No further details have been revealed as of now.

Tip is currently scheduled to be released from prison in 2010.

Pharrell x Moncler from Billionaire Boys Club Blog by BBC Ice Cream

It was announced today that Pharrell designed a line of jackets for Moncler. The line will include multiple jackets, some using Bionic Yarn and some using a print from Japanese photographer Keita Sugiura.

Ice Cube Lands on Forbes’ “Most Overpaid Actors” List NEW Thursday Nov 19 11:40 AM CST posted by xxl staff

orbes magazine has included Ice Cube in their list of “Hollywood’s 10 Most Overpaid Stars.”

The dwindling box office sales of Cube’s movies over the last several years earned him a spot at no. 5 on the list, behind such big screen names as Will Ferrell, Ewan McGregor, Billy Bob Thornton and Eddie Murphy. According to the financial tome, for every dollar that the West Coast rap legend turned actor was paid, his films only make $4.77.

To qualify for the list every actor had to star in at least three movies over the last five years and each flick had to open in 500 theaters or more nationwide. Forbes then took into account the person’s total compensation for their last three roles and divided it by the movies’ total operating income to determine each individual’s return-on-investment figure. —Max G

Juelz Santana Responds To Cam'ron's "Dipset Is Over" Declaration, "I Gave You Everything" Thursday, Nov 19, 2009 5:45PM Written by Cyrus Langhorne

n light of Cam'ron's recent "Dipset is over" remarks, estranged member Juelz Santana has shared his response to the Diplomat leader's choice words.

Despite Cam's feelings on the Dip movement, Santana said he maintained his loyalty and helped the four-member crew reach success.

"I put a lot of bricks in that building," Juelz stated in an interview. "So my work was more than put in, so even if you can say you brought me to the game, well guess what, I gave you everything for bringing me to the game. I helped build that Diplomat building to the top floor. When you think of Dipset I'll always be in your brain. If Cam feels like for whatever reason he is too big to get over whatever happened, or he's too stubborn or whatever the case may be, so be it. At the end of the day, I am comfortable. I can look in the mirror." (All Hip Hop)

Earlier this week, Killa said spectators should give up on a Dipset reunion.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009



WHAT WOULD YOU DO????????????

Whitney Houston vs Drunk Guy

NEWS Update: Wale Sells 28K in First Week, Manager Claims LP Was Under Shipped

After several push backs, Attention: Deficit—the debut CD from XXL Freshman alum Wale—finally hit stores last Tuesday (November 10). Seven days later his first-week stats are in, and unfortunately the CD failed to top any of the big dawgs from their top spots on The Billboard 200 sales charts.

According to the Nielsen SoundScan, the disc landed at the no. 21 spot, with 28,100 units sold. With all the hype surrounding the release, a guest spot on Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3 tour and a gig fronting the official house band of the 2009 MTV VMAs, many believed the Interscope rapper would have a bigger first week. spoke with Wale’s manager, Daniel Weisman, who claims that the label under shipped the disc to stores, much like what happened to fellow “Class of 09″ MC Asher Roth. ”Wale’s the type of artist who is bigger than the metrics (radio) say he is,” Weisman said. “That puts the label in a tough position in terms of physical distribution and because of twitter we are able to hear direct feedback from the fans about the problems they had actually finding the CD. But 64% of Wale’s sales came from digital outlets which makes sense for Wale. It’s a testament to Interscope and their confidence in Wale’s brand that they put the record out without a big single.”

The other only new hip-hop release to enter the charts this week was Wyclef Jean’s new collaborative effort with DJ Drama. The rap vet’s street CD, From the Hut, to the Projects, to the Mansion, debuted at no. 171, selling 3,300 discs. Drama—who executive-produced the extended EP—described it to to XXL as “Wyclef’s first all-around hip-hop project since The Carnival.”

Continuing his dominance at the head of the rap pack is Brooklyn rap giant Jay-Z. Despite falling one spot to no. 16 BP3 managed to ring up 33,000 more albums to his overall sales figure this go-round. After 10 weeks, the rapper’s latest opus has sold 1,271,200 units.

Four spots down at no. 20 is the Black Eyed Peas. The E.N.D. pulled in another 28,200 in sales this week, making its total tally stand at 1,356, 200.

Next week look for 50 Cent’s long-awaited fourth solo album Before I Self Destruct to make a huge impact on The Billboard 200. —Elan Mancini

*Exclusive Pics*: Juelz Santana & Lil Wayne Video Shoot… “HOME RUN” Posted by Bossip Staff

Our people over at, just sent us some exclusive pics from Juelz Santana and Lil Wayne’s video shoot. Weezy and Juelz must really be on Cloud 9, they found a house that looks exactly like Obama’s crib to shoot this video.