Friday, May 27, 2011

Dearest beloved

Dearest beloved,

I am Mr.Mitchel Gbagbo, the earliest son to Ivory Coast ousted president Mr.Laurent Gbagbo, My reasons
of writing you are to solicit your partnership in receiving the amount of US$15 Million Dollars in your bank
account on my family behalf.

This fund is deposited in a private finance firm in Spain in my name by my father. The fund was to be used
in the purchase of arms from China to fight the rebels but now that my father has been captured by French
forces and is under house arrest in the northern part of the country at this very moment.

I left my country and took refuge here in Spain instead of France since they were behind my fatherґs
capture and although because of the present Government's plan to kill me.

I will need your honest assistance to retrieve and invest this fund in any profitable business ventures in
your country, although I will join you immediately the fund get to your nominated account.

I am willing to offer you 30% which represents US$4.5 Million for your help and assistance. If you are
interested get back to me as soon as possible.

Best Regards,
Mr.Mitchel Gbagbo

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

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Rick Ross is on the cover of Vibe magazine's "Sexy Issue"
Rick Ross is on the cover of Vibe magazine's "Sexy Issue" with his shirt off and D-cup man tits on full blast.
Ladies, would you hit this???

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Red & White Stuntin’ – Check out Cash Money’s Baby on the New XXL Cover


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SMH: Bronx Man Stopped For Sippin’ Snapple… Then Thrown In Jail On Some Bull...


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Douglas Brown with bottle of Snapple similar to the one he had in a brown paper bag while while riding as passenger in car when he was stopped by a cop on Gun Hill Rd. at White Plains Rd. last May 13th.  He was eventually arrested .

This is the type of isht that will make you turn up the Tupac extra loud in the car and yell "F*ck Tha Police!" out the window. A Bronx man, who is Mormon and doesn't even drink, was thrown in jail for two days after coppin' an attitude when police stopped him to ask about the Snapple he was drinking. SMH.

41-year-old Douglas Brown is filing a notice of claim against the city of New York as a precursor to filing a civil lawsuit. The notice accuses the police of arresting him after an officer asked what he was drinking and he responded with an attitude. Brown, who is a devout Mormon, says he was forced to spend two nights in jail after being questioned about the Snapple he was drinking.

Brown was a passenger in his friend's minivan on Friday, May 13 when the vehicle rolled to a stop around 3:30 at a stop sign at E. Gun Hill and White Plains Road.

The pastry chef and former auxiliary cop says he held a strawberry-kiwi fruit juice inside a black plastic bag between his knees when Officer Eroilio Luna knocked on his window and gestured at the drink.

"He says, 'What you drinkin'?' " Brown recalled. He said he then peeled the wrapper away to show the officer.

As Luna turned to leave, Brown shot out his own question to the cop.

"I understand if he stopped me for the seat belt, or something. But a juice?" he said. "So I say, 'You got nothing better to do?' "

"I wasn't being rude," Brown said. "I respect them, but I know I didn't say anything bad."

At that point Luna had Brown searched and arrested. According to the criminal complaint paperwork Brown swatted the cop's hand and refused to get out of the van. Brown also allegedly "flailed his arms, pushed the officer … kicked his legs, and twisted his body, refusing to be handcuffed."

Brown spent two nights in police custody before going before a judge. At his arraignment, he says the judge asked whether anyone had saved the Snapple bottle (the police had not) before throwing out the charges of resisting arrest and obstructing government administration.

According to Brown's lawyer Afsaan Saleem two witnesses are willing to testify that Brown cooperated with cops,

"He spent close to 40 hours being detained, and what was his crime? Drinking a Snapple?" Saleem said.

"Now when I walk on the street, I feel like I always have to be careful when I see a cop because, listen, they can do whatever, whenever they want to do it," Brown told the Daily News.

SMH… That's some bullsh*t, but it's important to remember that police unfortunately hold the power in those kind of situations. You have to "yes sir, no sir, thank you Officer" until they leave you the f*ck alone. All that business about rights is basically out the window. We hope this guy sues the sh*t out of those cops. What a waste of taxpayer dollars.



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New White Girl On Block: Kreayshawn’s Newest “Gucci Gucci” Jawn And Talks Al...


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Below Kreayshawn talks about almost robbing Young Berg Allstar Weekend and The White Girl Mob.


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