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Swirl Quote Of The Day: Ice T Says “The Problem With Black Women Is Black Me...


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Coco Ice-T and Coco host at Vanity Nightclub at The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino  Las Vegas, Nevada - 02.09.11

No that's not all. In the latest issue of Sister2Sister Magazine, Ice T breaks down the science on the swirl.

Check out the full quote from S2S below:

S2S: Did you ever date Black girls?

Ice-T: Yea, my daughter's mother is black. Coco is the first white girl I've ever dated… Me myself, see, I came up around a group of players. Once you get into this player zone of the hustlers and the pimps and all that, then race goes out the window… They played a whole bubble. We say we play the whole bubble, from the snowflake to the earthquake… So it's kind of like, once you realize that you're fly as a man, then it just becomes "Baskin-Robbins." It's like, anybody you're looking for you don't look at race, you just look to see "woman." "I'll tell you the problem with the Black female: Here you go, here's your quote: It's that Black men will fawk anything. And Black women are just attracted to Black men. And that's what throws the fawking balance off.

S2S: I talk to them all of the time. I say, "Stop limiting yourself." I mean, our men are with everybody.

Ice-T: Because what happens is, as a brother, you realize that you're attractive to everybody… When I met Coco, I was not necessarily looking for any particular female. I was just me being Ice-T. And when she walked up to me I was like, wow. She was beautiful to me. I looked in her eyes and I was like, damn! Then when I'd seen what she was working with, I'm like damn, this little girl got a body on her.

But still, that was just physical. I didn't know where her head was going to be. As we started to talk, she was saying what I needed to hear at that time, and everything just fell in place. Eleven going on 12 years later, we're still together.

So you can't really know who's going to make it happen for you and make you happy. I couldn't have said I need, say, an Asian girl, and found Coco. You follow me? I couldn't have put a title or race on who I was going to be with.

Interesting. So is he on point with his swirl philosophy or does he have some nerve???

Read more about Ice T and Coco (and her fake boobies and real cakes) in the April issue of Sister2Sister Magazine currently on newsstands.


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