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Full Whitney Houston’s Family On Oprah: Bobbi Kristina Barely Sheds A Tear A...


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Man, Oprah cries more than the whole family!:

Winfrey asked her generally easy questions, and she handled them in a way that suggests she's coping well with her mother's death.

"I've got to keep going," Brown, 18, said at one point while trying to describe how she's handled the days since her mom's memorial service. "I can sing her music, but I can't hear it right now," she said. "I can't. I can hear her voice and spirit talking to me and telling me, 'Keep movin', baby. I'm right here. I got you.'" The diva's sister-in-law, who also is the executor of her estate, had to recount the moments when Houston's body was discovered at the Beverly Hilton ("I heard screams and I saw the hair stylist drop to her knees"), the expression on Houston's face after she died ("She had a peaceful look") and whether Houston was still struggling with drugs in the days before her death (Pat Houston denied that). There were definitely tears during this section (yes, Winfrey was also crying), and at least one very gratuitous long pause.

During the final part of the episode, Pat and her husband Gary — Houston's brother — denied the rumors that Bobby Brown was not welcome at Whitney Houston's memorial service. And they also expressed their frustration about that leaked funeral home photo of Houston, although they didn't seem terribly incensed about the episode.

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