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POSTED: New Boyz Lose Toothpaste, Gain Strength


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via MTV Buzzworthy Blog by Jason Newman on 4/28/11

Last time we checked in with MTV Posted duo New Boyz, they were rolling around on scooters and discussing the intricacies of their hit song "Backseat." This time, we got the guys proving their masculinity and running out of hotels with less-than-optimal hygiene.

In the first video, Legacy and Ben J engage in a fierce battle of strength. Legacy goes the easy route, cranking out numerous chin-ups before ceding to his partner. We're giving the win to Ben J, though, for one-upping his partner and doing the more difficult pull-ups. Either way, there is much mocking of strength all around.

The next video proves that having monstrous hit songs and a worldwide tour won't prevent the travails of travel. Check the video below for a snapshot of what is presumably the Boyz' daily routine: wake up, pack, check out of hotel, hop in a van and head off to the next city. Here, we catch the guys in Chicago, though it really could be Anycity, U.S.A.

We also catch Legacy in mid-crisis mode. What do you do if you're late for checkout and run out of toothpaste before brushing your teeth? If you're Legacy, you apparently just gurgle with tap water. Luckily, one of the group's entourage has the next best alternative: gum. We'll give Legacy's song a little credit, though. With enough chewing gum, a girl will never tell the difference between that and an actual teeth-brushing.

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  1. Hmmm... I think it's best not to let the girls know that you remedied your breath with gum. Or the general public, for that matter. You could still brush without toothpaste, that still removes the bits on our teeth.