Thursday, March 31, 2011

Exclusive Details: Is This Why Kyle From Jagged Edge Made Himself Look Like ...


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On Tuesday night, Marsha Ambrosius hosted a party in Atlanta celebrating the awesome specimen of man meatiness that is Q Parker on his birthday.

It was a very well attended event, with some of the biggest names in Atlanta's entertainment community in attendance, as you can see in the photos on page 2. That was a great bonus for the audience members, since Q chose to share the spolight, inviting several guests on stage to serenade the crowd… including his father! With all of Jagged Edge was present, Q also extended the invitation to them – which would have been a good look, since they are promoting an album or mixtape or something at the moment.

For whatever reason, they kept declining. Then someone decided to let Kyle's drunk/high/super lit a** go be the group's spokesperson…

SMDH. Someone pray for Kyle. He's clearly going through some stuff.

Now, if you're wondering what R.L. could have possibly been apologizing about, a source tells us that the tension between R.L./Next and Jagged Edge dates back to the late 90s.

According to our informant it revolves around an incident involving the girlfriend of one of the members of JE, who was also in a group herself; a surveillance camera; and a late night "mic" session with R.L. in the bathroom.

Bet she's glad sex tapes didn't leak so easily back then. Can you guess who the girlfriend was?

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